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How Bridge Creative Reinvented A Landscaping Company

This landscaping company (name retracted, learn more about our white-labeling service) faced a challenge when its outdated website was no longer converting customers. They wanted to update their website without compromising their brand’s identity—which so many customers had learned to recognize after 20 years of doing business.

Our goal was to update their website with a sleek and modern design that would resonate with a new generation while also maintaining the familiarity of their established brand.


Bridge Creative successfully revitalized this landscaping company’s brand with a fresh new website that blows their competition out of the water.

As a result, they saw a 20% increase in new business and a 32% increase in new leads over a 6 month period. Additionally, because of our speed optimization to the new website and SEO-conscious design, they also are now ranking within the top 10 search results on Google for a competitive local keyword.

With their new website successfully bringing in new business, this landscaping company can now reduce the amount of money they are spending on PPC ads because not only are their conversion rates higher, but they are now getting organic leads through Google.

Bridge Creative will put all the brilliant minds together, get it down on paper, structure it well, and build you a website that will make you a recognized brand in your area. If you're trying to grow your company and become a leader in your industry, give Bridge Creative a shout. – Max D., Founder

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