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An Interior Design Agency Needs Their Website To Match Their Brand

This interior design agency (name retracted, learn more about our white-labeling service) has a keen eye for design when it comes to interior decorating. However, one thing they’ve always lacked was a website that aligned with their brand and image. They wanted a website that would communicate their brand’s modern, chic, and effortless design, without taking away vital information important for the sales funnel.


We successfully built a website that they strongly believe resonates with their image and brand. We intentionally chose to limit the amount of text that appeared on any page, and when text did appear, it was strategically incorporated into the design to make it cohesive.

Overall, client leads are up a staggering 42% over the last 8 months since the website launched and client acquisition is up 27%. We know that the new website played a critical role in this increase, and will continue to bring this interior design agency new business for years to come.

We can't even begin to express our gratitude and amazement with how well Bridge Creative designed and implemented our new website. The process was smooth and personable for the entirety of the contract. Without even a glimmer of hesitation, we would recommend Bridge Creative. – Britney C., Head of Marketing

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